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News and video from High Ridge House
May 2010

Our thanks to all of you for the support and helpful ideas that we received in response to our email about the damage to our building during the mid-March storm. Here’s where things stand now:

We’re grateful that the storm damage, though significant, did not seriously impair any normal operations. Most of the damage is located in our service and utility areas. While this is inconvenient, it has not affected the care given to patients.

We’re also grateful for the assistance of both professionals and volunteers to help us put things back together. Our insurance company has advanced some funds and repairs are underway. Much of the work, however, still remains to be done, including adding new sections of the roof and outside walls, replacing damaged equipment, and restoring the interior. But the love and welcome and healing atmosphere you feel when you walk into High Ridge House remain intact, regardless of outside appearances.

Our Master was never deceived by outside appearances. Jesus discerned the heart of a matter and taught us to always do the same. At a recent meeting of the High Ridge House Board of Trustees, we discerned new insights into one of Jesus’ teachings – the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan – and its relationship to the mission of High Ridge House. To share those ideas with you, we’ve created a short video which you can watch by clicking on the link above. We hope you’ll enjoy the ideas as much as we did!