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“God is Taking Care of All”

March 2018 eNews

“When we wait patiently on God,
and seek Truth righteously
He directs our path.”

Mary Baker Eddy - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pp. 254:10-12

Divine direction comes through many avenues. JSH-Online is a wonderful archive of inspiration and insight. It is a living legacy of dedicated workers and committed Christian Scientists. We are reminded of the Golden Text in this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson - Christ Jesus (February 26–March 4, 2018):
“... that your fruit should remain.”
We so appreciate the opportunity that JSH-Online affords to enhance our spiritual progress. We found this poem encouraging and comforting and are grateful to the Christian Science Publishing Society for permission to share it with our readers.

God is Taking Care of All


The things I need to do to-day
Should be accomplished one and all;
No thought of doubt I need obey,
Since God is taking care of all.

No fear of failure can hold sway,
No dark confusion can appall,
If I but realize each day
That God is taking care of all.

God is Taking Care of All - Christian Science Sentinel

© 2018 The Christian Science Publishing Society.
Reproduced with permission from the September 3, 1927
issue of the Christian Science Sentinel (

We encourage you to call upon High Ridge House promptly if you need Christian Science nursing care, either at our facility or in your home. We are always available to be of service to you, your family and friends.
With gratitude and love from all of us,
Marivic B. Mabanag
Executive Director

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