September 2010
Links of Love: e-News from High Ridge House

Ready to Serve

We are so grateful to serve our community! High Ridge House is open, prepared, ready, and only a phone call away. Although we've had some recent damage to our building and grounds due to high winds, no storms stop us from welcoming patients and guests and keeping HRH active and vital to the Tri-State area. We have comfortable rooms and compassionate staff available to provide loving and economical Christian Science nursing care.

This issue of Links of Love contains examples of how we express our constant dedication to our field. Read how our Christian Science nurses provide a shining light and presence while on night duty. You also can read about how students of Christian Science teachers find a supportive environment for their spiritual progress during class instruction and annual association meetings. See, too, the photos of how we appreciate the volunteers who respond to opportunities to assist us.

We hope you will enjoy this newsletter like a "virtual" visit with us out on the patio or in our cozy living room. We look forward to your ideas and comments.

Kevin Massey, Executive Director

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"…even the night shall be light about me." *

Have you ever had a challenge at night? During that time, did beliefs of fear, loneliness, darkness, or doubt clamor for your attention?

Christian Scientists who come to High Ridge House for help receive gentle, loving care and strong metaphysical support from our Christian Science nurses, who are on duty 24/7.

At night, a patient's needs are often simple—quiet checks throughout the night; assistance to the bathroom or getting another blanket; changing position in bed; being read to aloud from Mrs. Eddy's books or Christian Science literature; or having the audio system turned on. Our audio system is available around the clock for patients who'd like to listen to hymns or uplifting tapes.

Sometimes the need is greater—for healing fear. In the Glossary of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mrs. Eddy defines "NIGHT" this way: "Darkness; doubt; fear." (592:21). But in the definition of "VALLEY," also in the Glossary, she says, "Though the way is dark in mortal sense, divine Life and Love illumine it, destroy the unrest of mortal thought, the fear of death, and the supposed reality of error." (596:23-25)

"Night duty is a peaceful time to acknowledge and be totally aware of the full presence of the love of God," one of our nurses says. "I have seen a fearful, restless, pain-filled individual find rest and peace as the nurses covering the floor are focused on knowing that God's love with all of God's omnipotent power is at hand doing its perfect work."

Another nurse talks about a claim she faced herself. "I had a physical challenge, and it was suggested I go to a Christian Science nursing facility. Though I did not want to, I applied for admission and was accepted.

"When I walked into that room, I had such a feeling of relief! The room was clean, and I didn't have to keep it clean. I didn't have to do the grocery shopping or fix the meals. Someone else was going to do the cleansing and the bandaging. I could stay with the metaphysical, while someone else cared for the physical. I'm grateful to report that I was so strengthened metaphysically during those two weeks that I was much improved and could return to work."

Being a Christian Science nurse on night duty does have its challenges, she adds, and each needs to be handled metaphysically as well. For example, Christian Science nurses on the night shift must sleep during the day, which can be noisy, with vacuuming, people coming and going, etc. "While you're sleeping, everyone else is up. It can be hard to have a balanced and normal life."

"The first time I was on night duty I couldn't sleep during the day," she says. "Then I thought, 'I can't change the sun from shining. I can't stop life just because I need to rest during the day.' So I said to myself, 'Never again will I let that happen to me!' I decided then and there to refuse to accept the outside influences. I focused on God, and that divine Love meets all human needs, which gave me a wonderful sense of peace."

"Night duty is a different nursing experience," a nurse colleague at High Ridge House agrees. Clearly she cherishes the experience. "It's usually peaceful as patients rest. But when a patient is awakened with a claim during the night, that's when a nurse has the opportunity to have a spiritually uplifting one-on-one with the individual. I'm so grateful that I can give more time to comforting and reassuring the patient during those moments. The world is quiet, and my thought is more open and receptive to hearing Mind's guidance and direction."

That's what Christian Science nursing at High Ridge House is all about—providing compassionate and skilled nursing care, whatever the hour. We rejoice as our present perfection dawns in thought. That dawning is beautifully described in Mrs. Eddy's definition of "MORNING: Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress." (S&H 591:23-24)

It is morning at High Ridge House, 24 hours a day!

* Psalm 139: 11

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Expressions of Gratitude for Healings

We're always overjoyed to receive expressions of gratitude for the skilled care lovingly given by our Christian Science nurses. Following are excerpts from letters and e-mails we've received recently from patients and family members.

The first healing will be of special interest to animal lovers. It reminds us that "God is the Life, or intelligence, which forms and preserves the individuality and identity of animals as well as of men." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 550: 5-7).

  • "A Christian Science nurse from High Ridge House came to visit with my mother, her caregiver, and me. It was a wonderful time, filled with Love. I mentioned to [the home nurse] that one of our two dogs had not barked when she arrived. That had never happened before. She told me that dogs don't bark when she visits. She also said she loves them.

    "I understand that the dogs feel God's love. Well, that love had a major healing impact on this dog. We had gotten him through rescue, and he has never wanted his paws touched. It is the only time he gets upset.

    "When I took him today to have his nails trimmed at the groomers, he was able to have the work done without a muzzle put on him for the first time. The dog groomer and I discussed the fact that he no longer feared this maintenance work.

    "I can attribute that healing to the love brought to our house by the visiting nurse. Every member of the household was blessed when she visited us."

  • "Thank you so much for your assistance. Both Christian Science nurses from High Ridge House were truly God-sent. Their metaphysical nursing was powerful and comforting, and of course their ease in handling the physical needs was so effective and gentle. We are so blessed. We want to pay the full amount. It's the least we can do.* Much love and gratitude."

    The same individual later wrote, "OHHHHHHH, those nurses were AWESOME!!! With healing in their wings!"

    * High Ridge House offers the first hour and transportation costs for the first home nursing visit free. Some gladly pay the full amount.

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Gracious Gifts Are Never Small

Every contribution we receive makes it possible for High Ridge House to continue providing compassionate and effective Christian Science nursing care 24/7 to those relying on spiritual means alone for healing—whether here at our facility or in the privacy of their homes.

Your gifts don't need to be large to make a difference. In fact, those who pledge to send us even what they may consider to be a small amount on a monthly basis—say, $10.00, $20.00, or $30.00—are doing something very valuable to support Christian Science nursing in general, and High Ridge House in particular. Our Abounding Grace theme for our campaign was chosen because it rejoices over the many different ways giving is expressed.

Consider this sweet question from Pulpit and Press 4:3-6:

"What if the little rain should say,
'So small a drop as I
Can ne'er refresh a drooping earth,
I'll tarry in the sky.'"

So please give what you can, rejoicing that your sustaining gift—monthly, if possible—will be enormously helpful to us in fulfilling our mission: "To support Christian Science healing by providing Christian Science nursing care in the most loving, practical, and economical way possible, and by providing an environment conducive to individual prayer and study."

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A Tribute to Our Volunteers


"What a perfect day!" That's how many attendees summed up our annual Independence Day picnic, held on July 1 at High Ridge House, to honor our wonderful volunteers. And it did have everything—lovely weather; festive decorations put up on the outdoor patio by our devoted housekeeping staff; orderly table setup and manicured grounds by our conscientious maintenance team; an opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones; and a delicious spread prepared by our excellent kitchen staff.


Kevin Massey, executive director of HRH, thanked all of the volunteers for giving so generously and regularly of their time and talent—as Readers, gardeners, consultants, and all-around helpers for HRH projects, activities, and events.


A CD titled "Man's Worth Appreciating" was given as a gift to all volunteers and church reps. (Volunteers and church reps who could not attend the picnic may request a copy during their next visit to High Ridge House.)

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Visitors Find a "Comfortable and Serene Environment" at High Ridge House

Abounding Grace Campaign

Students from far and wide are warmly welcomed to High Ridge House while they're in the New York Metro area for Christian Science class instruction or their Association day. We are blessed by the spiritual focus of our guests and tell them often how grateful we are for their presence. Here are some appreciative comments they've shared with us:

  • Very peaceful environment
  • Conducive to study and prayer
  • Cheerful, friendly, and accommodating staff
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • A lot of inspiring study materials in the Study Room, open 24 hours
  • Great service

Abounding Grace Campaign

So we cordially invite anyone interested in coming to our peaceful and God-centered environment to find out more about Rest and Study. We'll certainly look forward to seeing you!

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Appreciation for HRH Employees

Picture of pen signing document

On Thursday, August 12, the management team hosted a very festive Employee Appreciation Luncheon at HRH.

The event began with a Chinese buffet, featuring several delicious meat and vegetarian dishes, with mounds of fried rice and white rice on the side. Sitting at beautifully decorated tables in the dining room, everyone was encouraged to continue sampling the varied dishes, while gifts were presented to five-, ten-, and fifteen-year employees. Afterward, we heard a very familiar sound: It came from the Mister Softee ice cream truck parked in HRH's backyard. What a sweet way to finish a scrumptious lunch!

But there was more. After dessert, the group participated in rousing and often hilarious team-building exercises with everyone—including two members of the HRH Board of Trustees—joining in. It was a great way to pause and appreciate our co-workers and the wonderful contribution each one makes toward our special, healing environment.

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Christian Science Hymnal, #367


Upcoming Events Hosted by High Ridge House:

Making Your Health Care Choices Known:

A Workshop with a Spiritual Perspective

Provides basic information about and necessary forms for living wills, health care proxies, and powers of attorney. Medicare rules also are discussed.

Saturday, 9/25, 10 a.m.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, 10/12, 7 p.m. Rockhaven, a Christian Science home community in Glastonbury, CT

Saturday, 10/23, 2 p.m.
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Huntington, NY (Long Island)  

Thanksgiving Dinner
November 25, Thursday

12-1:30 p.m.
($20 for adults; $10 for children 5-12).

Christian Science Thanksgiving service,
3 p.m.

Please reserve by Monday, November 22, 718-796-4200, ext 203.

Christmas Party
December 9, Thursday,
5 p.m.

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