Christian Science Nursing Care

The Christian Science nurses at High Ridge House offer loving care that supports total reliance on God for healing.  This care is much broader than merely meeting physical needs.  Our dedicated Christian Science nurses, who have proven the truths of Christian Science in their own lives, act as Christly witnesses to a patient's spiritual wholeness.  This mental activity supports and encourages the patient to rise to inspired views of God and man.  In Christian Science, healing results from this uplifted view.

Coming to High Ridge House is a prayer-based decision.  Some helpful points to bear in mind:

  • There is a full expectation of healing in every case.
  • All patients arrange to receive daily treatment from a practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal.
  • This gentle, skilled nursing care does not include physical diagnosis, medicine, or physical therapy.
  • We are able to offer financial support when there is a need, or you may be eligible for Medicare benefits.

These points and more are spelled out in our Christian Science Nursing Agreement, which details exactly what services we do provide, as well as those which we do not provide.  We ask all patients to sign this Agreement upon admission to High Ridge House so that there is a clear understanding on how we can best work together toward healing.  Everything about our admission process is prayer-based.  Please also refer to the Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services.

This tender care is available to anyone relying on the teachings of Christian Science for healing.  We encourage you to call at any time to speak with the Director of Christian Science Nursing, who will be happy to answer questions, discuss individual needs, and help identify available options for support.

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Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service

When the nursing need can be met in the comfort of your own home, our Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service is ready around the clock to assist you.  This can include:

  • Immediate spiritual reassurance, which dissolves fear
  • Prayer-based assistance that meets your need
  • Instruction for a family member or friend to help you more effectively

It's easy to schedule a home call. Just phone High Ridge House at 718-796-4200 and ask for the Christian Science Visiting Nurse.

Outpatient Care

We love the Shunammite woman's deep generosity and her admiration for Elisha's holy mission. She saw it as her mission to care for Elisha in a special and specific way. She also had the vision, later on, to call him to her home when her only son needed help quickly. For Elisha, that meant making a house call; he dropped everything to go to her son.

We make house calls, too. Our Christian Science home nursing service is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can come in the middle of the night if the need is urgent, and we have done just that many, many times!

Often only one visit is needed, but we are happy to come back--even daily--until the healing is complete. Our nurses can stay for up to two hours, and we will help make arrangements for someone to stay longer, if that is the need. We've sent a nurse as far away as Mexico, but normally we answer calls in the tri-state area including New York City, Long Island, the lower half of New York State, and western Connecticut.

We also see patients on an outpatient basis. All we need is a phone call letting us know when to expect you and we will be ready to welcome you and to declare with the Shunammite woman, "It is well!"

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