Christian Science Nurse Training

Learning the art of Christian Science nursing is a matter of prayer and unfoldment. During classes, students research the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's writings to discover the spiritual concepts that undergird our work—concepts like purity, activity, nourishment, and mobility. In addition to learning practical skills for caring for others, Christian Science nurses learn to develop spiritual intuition, patience, and wisdom. They consider the ethics of Christian Science (which form the basis of our professional ethics) and the fundamental role of prayer in keeping their own thought uplifted and prepared to support others.

The full course of study, if completed without interruption, usually takes about three years. Mother Church membership, active branch church membership, and Christian Science Class Instruction are required before beginning the course.

At this time, High Ridge House offers only follow-up training and independent study.

Follow-up training for classes taken elsewhere. Students who have successfully completed a Christian Science class segment may be employed full time on our nursing floor. Working closely with experienced Christian Science nurses, they learn to fulfill the Church Manual requirements for the Christian Science nurse with confidence and dominion. (See p. 49-7-16.)

Independent Study. Students with prior background and experience in Christian Science nursing may benefit from working closely with a seasoned Christian Science nurse to round out their experience and strengthen their confidence.

For further information, please contact Cassia Schuck, Director of Christian Science Nursing at High Ridge House, 718-796-4200, ext. 259.

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