May 2021 — Grace to go Forward

May 2021 We are all looking forward to the 2021 Annual Meeting of The Mother Church on June 7th and its theme, “Grace to go forward.” We encourage you to prayerfully support and attend this upcoming meeting as we all move forward together through divine Love’s gracious guidance. We are all looking forward to the 2021 Annual Meeting of The … Read More

December 2020 — Illumined by Blessings

“A glorious day is dawning, And o’er the waking earth The heralds of the morning Are springing into birth. In dark and hidden places There shines the blessed light; The beam of Truth displaces The darkness of the night.” – Christian Science Hymnal, No. 2 What joyful blessings await all of us during this sacred season! As Christian Scientists, we … Read More

November 2020 — The Gift of Gratitude

“In God I find a precious gift That knows no fear, no feud, That glows so still, serene, and pure: The gift of gratitude.” Christian Science Hymnal No. 146 In this most unusual year, when some of us are far from loved ones, kept separated for longer than many of us anticipated, we may find it difficult to draw upon … Read More

October 2020 — The Healing Presence of Grace

The Healing Presence of Grace “Christians are commanded to grow in grace.” Mary Baker Eddy (Unity of Good, p. 14:12) What a wonderful challenge Mary Baker Eddy finds in Paul’s words and presents to us for our daily practice. But what does it mean to grow in grace—to develop our reliance on the divinely inspired peace and understanding of God— … Read More