Admission Policy

We’ve tried very hard to keep the admission process simple and straightforward. For instance, most admission requests are handled over the phone, and can usually be approved within an hour of the initial request--especially if the need is for immediate admission. It's best if the prospective patient or a close family member calls us, since we would need to talk to one or both of them as part of the application process.

Age is not a factor. We have assisted patients of many ages and backgrounds. Anyone prepared to rely on Christian Science treatment for healing is welcome, and this would include a new reader of Science and Health—regardless of church affiliation.

Patients do not have to be ambulatory to come to High Ridge House. We are skilled and equipped to care for patients with a wide range of needs, even if they are temporarily unable to get out of bed or to feed themselves.

We will do everything possible to accommodate a Christian Science nursing need, so never assume that we don't have a room available. On those rare occasions when we cannot immediately admit a patient, we may still be able to help you make other temporary arrangements until we do have space. But we find that when someone needs help, God opens the way for providing this help.

The cost of care should not be an obstacle to admission. In fact, we discourage patients from even discussing financial concerns for as much as a week, in order to give their full attention to prayer and study. Whatever the need, we join you in affirming that divine Love has already met it. High Ridge House has a Benevolence Fund, and we will work with patients to find the right balance between deferred payment and benevolence.

For more information about our Christian Science Nursing Admission Agreement, click here.