Essential Legal Tools: Why Christian Scientists Should Have Them
June 11, 2021

Click here to download a PDF of the webinar’s informational slides

Why we are doing this webinar:

  • To educate Christian Scientists and the public of their legal rights and responsibilities
  • The documents to be presented are human footsteps to show:
    • disciplined and organized thinking concerning one’s affairs
    • how to secure human assistance of one’s choice when needed
    • how to have a person of one’s choosing to make important decisions when one is not able or does not wish to make them.
    • A trust and respect for the legal system that provides for this and the person who agrees to be responsible
    • an orderly distribution of assets as desired.

What you will learn about at this webinar: 

  • Advance Health Care Directive/Health Care Proxy /Living Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Last Will & Testament/Living Trust
  • Designation of Conservator