2007 Metaphysical Meeting
Summary Notes

April 22, 2007
Facilitated by Marilyn Bradshaw

(Note: to look up citations that were shared in the meeting, you may click below on the links from the Bible and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. To look up citations from the Christian Science Hymnal or other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, you will need to use the books themselves, which are available at any Christian Science Reading Room.)

The meeting was opened with Hymn 58 from the Christian Science Hymnal, "Father, we thy loving children"


Joel 2:21, 22 for, 24, 26 (to:), 27 (to:)
Joel 3:13 (to:)
Isaiah 55: 10,11
John 4: 35
My 184:24-28
My 185: 10-12 (to,)
My 184:28-3
My 269:17
My 131:30 (to;)

Ideas shared by attendees:

Each bullet represents one speaker. The speaker’s own words are in italics.

  • Genesis 49: 22-26

  • Genesis 49: 22-26
    Mis 252: 17-5

  • I was helped by how often Mrs. Eddy referred to the prosperity of the Christian Science movement in Prose Works and how it was also noted so much by the press. We must claim that we cannot lose this quality for the movement today. It is there for us.

    Mis 252: 17-5

  • Mis 148: 23-15

  • Science and Health 330:8

  • My 270: 24

  • I would like to read excerpts from an article, "Christian Science: Its Demonstrable Application" by William Duncan Kilpatrick. The word "business" can be replaced by church, family, whatever is in your experience:

    "God is eternally at hand to guide and serve... Man is eternally in his right place. He is eternally and profitably employed, because he is an expression of the one Mind. Man is eternally at the point of success. He never lacks. His business is expressing God’s abundance. There is a supply for every demand, and a demand for every supply, which maintains an eternal balance in the divine economy; and this balance is never broken or interfered with. Because man's business is God's business, man's business must be good. That is the truth about man's business, and the truth about man's business is the truth about your business. This truth understood and held constantly in individual thought, is true prayer; and if persisted in, will become a law to your business."

  • I have been working on the concept of fitness. We have a fitness for prosperity and an attribute of prosperity is fitness - being ready to receive, and ready to give. It’s important to practice prosperity.

    S&H 15:25

  • Hymn 92

  • I feel the prosperity in this room. Each one of us is prosperous. It is not so much that God is making prosperity happen, as that prosperity is here, has always been here in eternity. The Bible says the dry lands become the water springs. That is a nice analogy, but in fact the truth is the water springs are perpetual and then we never see the dry lands.

    John 14:2

    A mansion has many, many rooms. Each room has radiant room. Perfection is going on in each room. There are many windows and doors through which God is pouring forth the riches of his blessings. We are also aware of the door of the prayer closet. We keep our doors in our mansion open wide towards immortality and opening it to the higher understanding of the divine life.

    S&H: 499

    Isaiah 26: 1

    God is appointing salvation within the walls of High Ridge House.

    Hymn 71

    Prosperity is not something outside of us. There is prosperity in this room because each of us is prospering and whole.

    My 36:25

  • Church Manual 31:4 (Moral obligations) Mary Baker Eddy reminds us that the prosperity of Christian Science depends on the Christian Science lesson sermon. Joshua 1: 7-8

    Mis: 139-142 This article represents Mary Baker Eddy buying a piece of land in essence not according to law, but according to God's unfoldment. Prosperity has nothing to do with material ways and means, but everything to do with the Truth - the practice of Truth, the devotion to Truth, the purity of Truth, and the understanding of Truth. Prosperity is not outside of us. It has everything to do with faithfulness to God's law. Putting first things first - very important to remember.

  • I would like to see High Ridge House identify itself more spiritually to the churches. The contrast between medical facilities and High Ridge House is striking. I have been spending a lot of time in hospitals and nursing homes recently, and High Ridge House is so different. They do a lot of waiting there - waiting for medicine, waiting for their doctor, waiting to die. No one waits here. We are not passive or inactive for one second, but always alert and moving forward in our thought.

  • When I studied the citations on prosperity, I saw that gratitude is a sense of prosperity. Grace and gratitude lead to prosperity.

    Phil. 1: 2-14
    Hymn 249

  • The metaphor that came to mind regarding prosperity is "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." Gal 6:7

    John 4:35
    Hosea 10:12

  • From an article entitled, "Supply as Spiritual Reflection" in the pamphlet Awake and Inherit (1937):

    "Man has supply because he reflects God. Every manifestation of lack is an illusion of fear, of ignorance, or of sin.... Man is the expression of good.... Supply is man's today by reason of his relationship to God."

  • The idea that came to me regarding prosperity is replenish. High Ridge House has an obvious source of replenishment - it is Rest and Study. It's always a relief to come here to replenish and recharge.

    Genesis 1: 26-28 (to:)
    S&H 14: 31-13

  • Mis 306: 22 "Angels"
    S&H 60:29
    S&H 454:22

  • I am so grateful for High Ridge House and being able to contribute financially.

  • S&H 481: 2-3 "Man is tributary to God, Spirit, and to nothing else."

    We are never relying on matter as a source of supply. We are spiritualizing thought instead of coming up with a material model as to what prosperity is. We are not trying to do something in order to get something. Prosperity truly is God, Mind, bringing forth at every moment, and we are a reflection of that.

  • Hymn 327 I demonstrated everything in that hymn in one week at High Ridge House. There is never a need. All that we think we need, we have. There is no hunger. If we think we hunger, love more. We have all we need. Mrs. Eddy opened the door for us. Just open our eyes. I thank God in advance for what mortal thought tells me I need. High Ridge House has everything it needs. Refuse to see or accept anything else.

  • When Jesus was expected to pay his taxes, it was found in an unlikely place - the mouth of a fish, and that sufficed the need.

    Psalm 46: 10
    Hymn 188
    Hymn 359, 2nd verse

  • I have thought of prosperity's interconnection with peace. I was inspired by the movie Amazing Grace. How can we have prosperity in times of war – considering this concept? Look at Hymn 276. It says, "Peace is like a river" and a river is active and vital.

    Hymn 71
    Hymn 276

  • We all love the hymns - they express so much.

    Hymn 360

  • Hymn 82 It works for everything. The word "is" is in each verse. It's right now.

  • I am inspired by the abundance of spiritual contributions today. Supply goes back to the idea of life - infinite, ever-unfolding life. As we use the expression "livelihood", and the idea of "restoration", we understand it is from an infinite source of infinite life.

  • I would like to join the choir of spiritual contributors.

    Hymn 350, 3rd verse

  • Prosperity is not a goal; it is a result. Jesus explains how to get there. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the rest is added to you." Everything we think and do is worthy of the kingdom. It is very simple - it is only mortal mind that makes it complicated.

  • Definition of prosperity in Webster: "Prosperity is the condition of being successful; the condition of thriving." Prosperity is a condition; it is not a goal. Every child, man, and woman has this condition. And what does that mean? We’d better act like it.

    S&H 264: 10

  • Unity of Good 11: 24 Supply is not matter, it's an activity of Love. We have abundant supply!

Ten minutes of silent prayer
Closed with Hymn 65

Some additional ideas shared through email:

  • The divine laws of supply and demand remain in perfect balance, and no human theory - economic or otherwise - can overturn this.

    S&H 133: 13

  • Why not START from the standpoint of perfection? Abundance? Prosperity? For your patients and for yourselves.

    My 186: 13-15

  • We always have the opportunity to learn more about God, and to express more of our true nature. Growth is not material accumulation but spiritual unfoldment.

  • Let's uphold in thought the perfume of indestructible gladness that knows no sorrow, no end of gladness and peace, for all who are a part of this God-maintained haven of Love.

    Mis 152:3

  • Your agenda of having no discussion of needs or problems but only uplifting thoughts and silent communal prayer is beautiful/powerful.

  • Certainly at High Ridge one is given the opportunity to "meditate day and night" on the laws of God, not matter, and the fruit of this work can never be reversed but MUST prosper.