Christian Science Nursing:
Fighting Like Michael and Loving like Gabriel
2012 Metaphysical Think-Shop

Christian Science Nursing belongs to all of us. It’s a gift from our leader, Mary Baker Eddy’s inspiration. She established it in the Church Manual and it affords us endless benefit, including helping us be better healers.

Christine Irby Williams, the speaker for our 2012 “Think-Shop”, has spent decades devoted to Christian Science Nursing and the practice. Her insights into the Christian Science Nurse bylaw are so important that we asked her to present 5 workshops about the bylaw for the HRH staff. We completed our 4th on July 20th. But we couldn’t keep this all to ourselves and so this “Think-Shop” is a gift to you! Fasten your seat belt, grab your Bible and get ready for Christian Science Nursing: Fighting Like Michael… and Loving like Gabriel!

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