May 2019 — TMC Annual Meeting

photo credit: The First Church of Christ, Scientist from Wikipedia


The Annual Meeting of The Mother Church is barely a month away. This year’s theme is based on II Corinthians 1:3, 4: “ …that we may be able.”
This immediately brought to mind the poem by A. E. Hamilton that Mrs. Eddy quotes in her autobiographical work Retrospection and Introspection. It begins with a prayer:
Ask God to give thee skill
In comfort’s art:
That thou may’st consecrated be
And set apart
Unto a life of sympathy.


Not all of us are able to be in Boston, so we invite you to join us at High Ridge House, to set aside some time and place to participate remotely in the Annual Meeting.


On Monday, June 3rd the Annual Meeting of the Mother Church begins at 1:00 PM. We invite you to come early for a light lunch at 12:00 AM. Please let us know by emailing or calling 718 796-4200 by May 27th.


Just as our fellow members gather together in Boston, we, too, may join together in embracing this year’s theme and one another. Such unity of affection and purpose is aptly expressed in the closing lines of the above poem:
For heavy is the weight of ill
In every heart;
And comforters are needed much
Of Christlike touch.


Hope you are able to join us.


With love and joy,

Marivic B. Mabanag
Executive Director