May 2020 — Fulfilling Our Duty

The perfect answer for a perfect storm that roars about us is found in the theme for this year’s Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist:

“Our duty to God, to our Leader and to mankind…”
(Church Manual, Article VIII, Sect 6)

Right now, every day, there are so many examples of this duty fulfilled — in each of out lives. It is clearly exemplified in the world of Christian Science nursing and Christianly scientific healing. Christian Science nurses and Christian Science nursing facilities are solidly standing for spiritual healing as they support and uphold the mandated standards of their individual communities. And supporting each guest in a Christian Science facility are the quiet, selfless prayers of a Christian Science Practitioner. So we see “The calm, strong currents  of true spirituality” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 99:23 only) at work.

At High Ridge House (HRH), and her sister facilities, obedience to the requirements of “shelter-in-place” or “self-quarantine” are being observed. Currently at HRH only practicing Christian Scientists are present. These dedicated workers have taken on the tasks of housekeeping, kitchen duty, laundry, etc. in addition to their regular duties.

In obedience to the demands of the Church Manual, the Christian Science nurses on duty continue to uphold the prayerful standard of “practical wisdom necessary in the sick room,” in order to take “proper care of the sick.” (Church Manual, Article VIII, Sect/31)

Some are regularly working “double shifts” to compensate for the reduced staff that the circumstances require. Twelve to sixteen-hour days are not unusual. All are sheltering in place at High Ridge House.

For the New York City area, “shelter-in-place” measures have been extended through May 15th. Some Christian Science nurses currently serving will be given a break by other Christian Science nurses who have quarantined themselves for fourteen days. Others have been willing to just stay the course. This picture is not unique to HRH. Similar conditions prevail at her sister facilities.

Health care workers throughout the country and the world have made great sacrifices to support the needs of their fellow man during this challenging time. We give thanks in recognition and appreciation of their devotion.

The sweet reminder from a familiar hymn reads: “God lights the way of duty…” (Christian Science Hymnal No. 361: verse 3) Here is where we may turn for guidance, whether we are in the front lines or at home. We each have a part to play, small or large, and God guides us to its fulfillment.

One avenue that has opened to assist those we love is from an organization known as Giving Tuesday. It is normally dedicated to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It has now put forward a special opportunity “#GivingTuesdayNOW” to support the charities of your choice at this challenging moment, on Tuesday, May 5th. To donate, click here.

We are deeply grateful to those who have stepped forward to stand with us in support of our healing mission, in prayerful obedience to “our duty to God, to our Leader and to mankind.”

With love,

Magnolias in bloom. Boston, Massachusetts