October 2018 — A Harvest of Blessings

“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse . . .”
(Malachi 3:10)

A harvest of blessings. We are so happy to share the bounty of our harvest from our Annual Meeting on September 29th. It coincided with the worldwide celebration of International Christian Science Nursing Days.

In honor of that celebration, we hosted a panel of High Ridge House Christian Science nurses who shared the wide variety of their experiences and what brought them to the ministry of Christian Science nursing. The panel included: Rose Mudida and Daniel Nabiswa, both originally from Kenya, Emanuel Kalyankar from India, Judy Elmgren and Scott Higgins from the United States – all had been dedicated to this healing work for a combined 70 years plus. Scott had started a career as a medical nurse. His introduction to Christian Science, however, led him to “. . . cherish the idea that Mrs. Eddy expressed about leavening medicine as a body of thought. I then came to see that my place in that leavening would be in the role and service as a Christian Science nurse.”

The panel discussed topics such as: How do they start their day with metaphysical preparation before entering a patient’s room? How has their Christian Science nursing ministry changed them as a metaphysician? What’s one phrase that they would like the audience to know about Christian Science nursing?

A testimony from a patient’s daughter underscored her gratitude for the Christian Science nursing care that had been given at High Ridge House, including assistance in gaining the release of her mother from a medical facility. The patient went home free of the effects of what had been medically diagnosed a stroke.

To keep us engaged and uplifted, Osceola Davis sang an inspiring rendition of “Ain’t Got Time To Die” a well-known Negro spiritual.

Emily Byquist, CS, was the keynote speaker. Her topic, “Keys to the Kingdom,” was a lovely way to move our meeting to a close. It led us to consider our native child-like qualities — qualities prized by our Master, Christ Jesus as the way to the heavenly kingdom within (Matt. 18:3).

And our grand finale: a rousing rendition in Swahili and English of Hymn 592 accompanied by drums and other instruments — so we went on our way rejoicing over all our blessings!

With gratitude and love from all of us,

Marivic B. Mabanag
Executive Director

Photo Credit: Peter Ross