December 2021 — Matthew 2:10

2021 December Touch Stone “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.” Matthew 2:10 Sending love and appreciation, Frances Hall, President Board of Trustees High Ridge House

December 2020 — Illumined by Blessings

“A glorious day is dawning, And o’er the waking earth The heralds of the morning Are springing into birth. In dark and hidden places There shines the blessed light; The beam of Truth displaces The darkness of the night.” – Christian Science Hymnal, No. 2 What joyful blessings await all of us during this sacred season! As Christian Scientists, we … Read More

December 2018 — Christmas: A Time for Singing and Soaring

“In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal, — for the things of Spirit, not of matter” (Miscellany 260:9-11). The excitement of the holiday season that begins with Thanksgiving and continues through New Year’s Day, stands in stark contrast to this thoughtful reminder of the deeper significance of Christmas. In another view of Christmas from the writings of … Read More

December 2017 — Blessed Christmas

“Blessed Christmas morn . . . . . . Fill us today With all Thou art — ” ** **Poems by Mary Baker Eddy, p 29 Christmas. The time each year when Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the one whom the prophet Isaiah anticipated and called “Wonderful, Counsellor . . . the Prince of Peace.” … Read More