July 2017 — Learning to Fly

Photo credit: Virginia Hughes & Cristina Minola Recently we delighted in watching three baby robins hatch, grow, and leave their nest outside a patient’s window. Since then, we have enjoyed pondering lessons from observing their development. We watched as each bird outgrew his/her surroundings– once while they cracked open their shells and two weeks later when jostling with each other … Read More

June 2017 — Links of Love

“Let us feel the divine energy of Spirit, bringing us into newness of life….” * ∼Mary Baker Eddy This edition of High Ridge House’s monthly ENews is dedicated to the quote above that is the theme chosen by the Christian Science Board of Directors for the June 5, 2017 Annual Meeting of The Mother Church. Over the past year and … Read More

May 2017 — Links of Love

“A day of fresh promise breaks over the land.” ~Christian Science Hymnal No. 236 This week, Christian Science nursing organizations from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona for the 2017 Conference of the Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing also known as AOCSN. As the umbrella organization for Christian Science nursing facilities, … Read More

April 2017 — Ressurrection & Healing

Easter commemorates a singular event in the history of mankind — the resurrection of our Savior, Christ Jesus. His triumph over death, three days after his crucifixion, is the foundation of Christian hope and faith. Mary Baker Eddy saw the Master’s glorious restoration to life as the culminating proof of the spiritual truths that he taught. It illustrated the need … Read More

March 2017 — A Time to Sow

Spring is just around the corner! For farmers and gardeners, this beautiful season is the time to begin a new growing cycle. They clear the land of winter’s debris, shore up fences, prepare the soil, and decide what plants to cultivate. Then, envisioning their harvest, they sow the seeds that will produce the desired crops, confidently expecting the seeds to … Read More

February 2017 — Becoming New

With her usual wisdom, Mary Baker Eddy admonishes her followers that the new birth “. . .begins with moments, and goes on with years. . .” (Miscellaneous Writings 15:13). As many of you know, High Ridge House is committed to a renewal – a rebirth. Spiritual renewal brings changes seen and unseen. Through the unsolicited generosity of donors and volunteers, … Read More

January 2017 — Links of Love

Epiphany is a Biblical word, derived from the Greek, meaning “manifestation, appearing” and it is used in Paul’s epistles in reference to the coming of Christ. Epiphany subsequently became the name of a religious festival celebrated on January 6 by many Christians. Today, the word “epiphany” is also used to describe an experience of a sudden and striking realization – … Read More